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Archive for the day “March 11, 2018”

Restaurant Adventures

My sister and her daughter are visiting us for the spring break. We’ve been to a bunch of restaurants: Indian, generic Asian, Mexican, Panera, Applebee’s, and Japanese. Klara’s absolute favorite so far is the Japanese. I thought I’d do great at the Japanese, but I never noticed that all the sushi have avocado, which I’m not allowed to eat any more.


Where the Dumb Congregate

Somebody posted it on Twitter:

If universities were radical left-wing institutions there wouldn’t be wide-scale normalized exploitation of an entire class of precarious workers who are often produced by the university specifically to be exploited in this way.

I’m putting this here because I keep ragging on Facebook but there is a medium that is even dumber and here it is. The format encourages smug, unthinking stupidity.


On the Humanities

A brilliant, brilliant article on the nature of the Humanities in the Chronicle. Thank you, Fie, for the great link.

There is now a push to dispel the myth that everybody needs to go into STEM and that nobody wants to hire people who graduate with BAs in the Humanities. I’m getting interviewed for a podcast about this important new movement tomorrow.


Just Stop

I wish Megyn Kelly stopped interviewing Putin. He feeds off her subservient attitude during those interviews. The whole interview is a mockery of “dumb Americans.” She frankly stinks at interviewing people like him.


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