Klara’s pediatrician said, “I can see you put down here that she can climb the stairs up and down on her own. But you should still try to be with her when she does that because she’s still too little to do it without any supervision.”

And I’m like, lady, look in the chart. I gave birth to her when I was 39. It will be a good thing if I let her climb the stairs on her own when she’s sixteen.


Every tinpot dictator these days feels the need to play at democracy. Putin is so desperate to lure at least enough people to the polls to make the election look not totally pathetic. So he’s putting up announcements that promise basic good staples to be sold next to the voting booths at “social prices” (meaning very cheaply.)

Obviously, it’s the very poor that he wants to attract because they are in thrall to his anti-West bluster.

As the local rag said today, Putin truly turned Russia from a backwards nation into a world superpower.

Labor Relations

Our university is interviewing a person for the position of the Labor Relations Director. The message she delivered to us is that “some of her best friends” are union people but it’s important to “treat workers well so they don’t need to unionize.” Given that we are all now unionized, the whole thing was quite bizarre.

School of Creativity

Our sister university wants to merge School of Art and Design, School of Architecture, the School of Music, Department of Cinema and Photography, Department of Communication Studies, the School of Journalism, Department of Theatre and the Department of Radio, Television, and Digital Media into one school and call it “the School of Creativity.”