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Wake Up, UK!

Instead of making ridiculous speeches and expressing embarrassing grave concerns, Theresa May should respond to Putin’s actions with deportations. Enough of this empty bluster! Enough of the ridiculous “we give Russia 24 hours to explain!” that Russians are openly laughing about.

The crucial, tragic mistake of one UK government after another was to welcome all of these interminable processions of bandits and gangsters from Russia. The only real sanction that the UK can impose on Russia is to return all of the children, wives, mistresses, and whores of the Russian government officials and oligarchs back to Russia. All of these so-called “business visas” that the UK has been selling to every dirty criminal bastard in the world for half a million need to be revoked.

Putin’s people are running around London poisoning people. Have done so for years. When will the UK government finally put an end to this?


I had to switch to my husband’s health insurance last year because I was getting no coverage at work during the budget crisis. While I could tolerate this situation for myself, I couldn’t allow my infant daughter to spend even a day uncovered.

My husband’s insurance is a lot worse than the one I had through the state of Illinois. It’s 3 times more expensive and the deductibles for everything are sky-high.

I have finally understood the reason for Illinois’s constant budget troubles. With pensions that even their recipients are saying are ridiculously generous* and these unparalleled health benefits, no wonder the state is sinking. The system seems engineered to make people hate state workers.

Of course, I’m not going back on the state insurance because it’s very clear to me that the whole thing is unsustainable. And I don’t want to be anywhere near it when it all collapses like it almost did a year ago.

*It’s hard to explain why anybody should be able to retire on a full pension at 55 after working in a very non-life-threatening job. It’s even harder to explain why anybody’s taxes should cover this sort of indulgence.