A Dream School

A dream school! But those of us who are not super rich and can’t afford it shouldn’t despair. Home life is about a gazillion times more important for child development than school, and we can organize all of it at home at no cost.

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I don’t get why David Hogg is so intent on applying to the ridiculously broken California system of higher education. He’s a bright, articulate kid with a ton of promise. Lots of great schools around the country would be happy to have him. And it’s a lot cheaper to live where those much better schools are.

To illustrate the point made above, here is a post on black men and personal libraries by a professor of one such school.

I hate this kind of thingin academia, but in government I outright detest it.

Essential oils stink, and not only in the literal sense.

What can be more disgusting thanthis kind of medical corruption?

It’s scary that adults can be so out of touch with their own bodies. This kind of body hatred is breeding ground for medical corruption linked above.

Psychiatrists are triumphantly and wordily inventing the wheel.

If you really really hate your inner world, this is the product that will help you drown it out.

Students at Stanford are doing something useful.


I made golubtsy. Klara looked at one, sniffed it, and took one minuscule bite, eyeing the golubets suspiciously. Then she took another tiny bite. Suddenly, her face lit up.

“It’s samosa! Mommy, this is samosa!” she exclaimed.

I can’t explain how hilarious that is that my kid is more familiar with samosas than with golubtsy.

At the park today

Neoliberal Choice

Another reason why neoliberalism is so seductive is that it feeds into the basic human love of choosing, exercising free will in even the most trivial matters.

If I tell Klara, “Put on the pants, please,” what are the chances she’ll put them on? Zero. The guaranteed response is, “No pants, Mommy. I hate pants!”

So I don’t ask this question because I don’t want the morning routine to exhaust me before I get anything done. Instead I say, “Do you want to put on the Japanese pants or the Chloe pants today?” She chooses and puts them on happily. And it’s like that all day long. “Do you want the bomber jacket or the plaid? Do you want the Mickey Mouse toothbrush or the Elmo toothbrush?”

Of course, what neoliberalism hides behind this plethora of choices in trivial issues is the complete absence of choice in the big issues.


There are rumors that the UK is preparing to investigate and also liens on the (enormous, outrageous, insane amounts of) money that Russian bandits are keeping in the country.

I’m afraid it’s wishful thinking. But gosh, wouldn’t it be amazing. You could fund all the country’s universities from here into eternity with this money. Never gonna happen, of course, but it’s what Russian dissidents are dreaming about.

Deeply Wrong

So Russians finally took to the streets in response to the tragic burning deaths of children. But they are not demanding that the tragedy be investigated and the culprits brought to justice. Instead, they are demanding that the government NOT reveal the true number of victims.

“Don’t make the number of victims public!” one fiery speaker yells. “Don’t make Americans happy! There are still many of us! Look how many there are!”

There’s something very deeply wrong with these people. They can’t even mourn their dead without referencing Americans who, as we know, are not aware of the tragedy and wouldn’t celebrate it if they were.