OK, just one more tiny Trollope quote and I’m off to sleep:

How terrible a thing it is to come on a journey unprovided with any book.

“Unprovided” is such a great way to put it.

Happy Grind

And now a short quote from Trollope that pretty much sums up the essence of psychoanalysis (which obviously was unknown to the writer):

It is the grind that makes the happiness.

Or, to put it in a more clunky way, the best sign of psychological health is a capacity to derive enjoyment from the routine, daily stuff.

I have a feeling I’ll be reading a lot of Trollope this year, so this is a fair warning.

My Own Knees

In the park, I touched Klara’s knees to see if she had gotten them wet while climbing on the equipment.

“Don’t take my knees, mamma!” she said indignantly. “You have your own knees. I have my own knees.”

It’s not easy for her to pronounce so she enunciates “your own knees” very carefully to make sure I get the message.

I swear to God I didn’t teach her the bit about “her own knees.”


The Cuban artist is coming to my class today, so I dressed to the nines. The fellow who sells me coffee at the gas station every day dropped his beverage when he saw me. The students look confused. But at least it’s not raining, so my very pink outfit won’t be splattered with mud. My meal choices are severely limited by the attire because I’m prone to spilling and dropping but it’s such a rare thing that we have an exciting speaker. We haven’t had one since Jonathan Mayhew offered to come to speak to us, and that was years ago.

Victorian Liberal

Another long yet very relevant quote from Trollope:

To the Duke’s thinking the maintenance of the aristocracy of the country was second only in importance to the maintenance of the Crown. . . That the wealth of the aristocracy should be recruited from time to time by the wealth of the trade was well enough, – nay, was in the utmost degree desirable; but they among them who were alive to their duty would take care that nothing should be robbed from them by those who were without.

Such were the opinions with regard to his own order of one who was as truly Liberal in his ideas as any man in England, and who had argued out these ideas to their consequences. As by the spread of education and increase of the general well-being every proletaire was brought nearer to a Duke, so by such action would the Duke be brought nearer to a proletaire. Such drawing-nearer of the classes was the object to which all this man’s political action tended. And yet it was a dreadful thing to him.

Think about the ultra-progressive enforcers of diversity and inclusion whose only real goal is to protect their elite status by, among other things, imposing outlandishly complex verbal and behavioral codes. How is this any different from the passionately liberal (in his own description) Duke who polices the boundaries of his social class in the exact same way?

The Same Source

The theyby folks are as freaked out about fluidity as any regular Trump voter. And they are as desperate to stave off the terror with empty sloganeering and magical thinking. But they consider themselves to be very superior to folks who are just as scared and lost. But since they are a lot better educated and have a lot more cultural capital, they are more to blame for having zero insight into their own motivations.

I Don’t Need to Move

And then I read an article on “theibies” in New York magazine and realize that I don’t want to move because innocent discussions about dinosaurs by a bunch of old ladies at the gym are nowhere as aggravating as this cheerful search for sophisticated forms of child abuse. I can find ways productively to engage with the dinosaur folks but not with the theyby bunch.