You know this feeling when you are so embarrassed for people that you curl your toes in vicarious shame? This post on Shakesville did it for me today. I understand that everybody wants to feel important but there’s a line that separates this normal human vanity from complete and utter delusion.


OK, why are we all of a sudden opposed to US’s complete withdrawal from Syria? I think it’s a great decision because no good is being done by staying. And the worry that it would please Putin is ridiculous. First of all, it won’t. And besides, why would you suddenly care about it?

I’m beyond puzzled by all my peacenik hippie generation colleagues ranting against the withdrawal from Syria because they are now all about the US “remaining a major player in the region.”

This is what I mean when I talk about people not being guided by principles in their politics. It’s like if Trump says that minimum wage should be raised to $20, they will begin to rant against the impact it will have on job creators.

Big Girl

Klara is trying to climb a really high and precarious piece of equipment in the park.

“No!” I say. “It’s too dangerous.”

“I not baby, mamma,” she counters calmly and with a great sense of dignity. “I a big girl.”

“Oh, ok then,” I say. “If you are a big girl then go ahead.”

Ideal Facebook

Facebook could actually become a good shopping channel if the company finally hired some talent and stopped buggering around with useless features.

Right now, FB’s ad algorithms are so pathetic that it’s ridiculous. With all the information they have, it’s a crime against the gods of marketing to offer somebody like me T-shirts for men saying “My wife is a pain in the ass but she’s my pain in the ass” and bras for the very flat-chested with a slogan “finally there’s proof that an A cup can look sexy.” I’m sure there’s a flat-chested woman somewhere who’d be happy to see this ad but instead she’s staring at ads that feature bras one could use as a circus tent or to trap a whale and that I’d be buying in bulk the second I saw them.

My ideal Facebook is the one where I see friends’ birthdays and pictures of their kids plus tons of good shopping offers. Instead they offer me endless ads of precooked frozen soups, which is a product I consider to be an affront to my basic humanity.

And I’m supposed to believe that idiots whose algorithms are so bad they can’t figure out that a person who posts on behalf of United Feminists will not buy sexist T-shirts can sell me a political opinion I don’t already hold?