Ef Your Money

And. . . at the last moment Governor Rauner stepped in and saved Our Problematic Sister. He needs it because after he loses his governor seat, it will be turned into an online diploma mill, and he’ll gain financially.

I don’t care much because even if all of the OPS’s budget were given to us, neither I nor my students would see a dime. All the money would go to building yet another Diversity Center and to hiring yet another million ideology police to persecute us. So ef your money, Governor. We are better off without it.

Dumb or Corrupt?

A great article on the challenges faced by the anti-gun movement. In my part of the world, articles like the ones quoted at the link are published for money by corrupt journalists. On the positive side, everybody knows that this kind of crap can’t be taken seriously. I don’t know how it works here. Are these journalists honestly dumb or are they writing it for openly corrupt reasons?

Proud Dropout

When Jennifer Fowlow started her PhD program in women’s studies, her dream was to become a professor.

But by her third year, she says, she was fed up.

“When I look back … to me it was just one big, stressful guilt trip,” says Fowlow.

“There was always another article I should have read, another book I should have gotten, more notes I should have written.”

Good for her that she had the insight, the self-awareness and the courage to quit. If “there is always another article to read and to write” is stressful instead of exhilarating, then doing something else with your life is the only thing that makes sense. I admire people who have the strength to realize this and don’t spend the next 30 years visiting their stress and guilt on everybody around them.

She should definitely be proud of herself for dropping out.

Poetic Justice

The companies belonging to oligarch Oleg Deripaska continue their free fall. Since the sanctions were introduced on April 6, he lost $3,6 billion and might be forced to declare a default in the coming days. There’s poetic justice in this because Deripaska had enriched himself during the wild capitalism era in Russia, and now global capital is biting him in the ass. So yeah, the sanctions are harsh and they are working extremely well.

Now, in his meeting with Putin Trump can still give Putin the victory of his life if he says that the US is ready to recognize that the Crimea is part of Russia. The symbolic is stronger than the economic, and I have no doubt that Putin would be willing personally to cut Deripaska in small pieces and feed him to sharks in exchange for such a gift.

If Trump does say something like this, I don’t for a second believe it will be because Russians bribed or coerced him to do so. I think he simply doesn’t understand why it’s a big deal.

I also believe that Trump doesn’t for a second believe he owes his win to the Russians or to anybody else. Whether he actually does owe it or not is immaterial. He doesn’t make an impression of a person who is capable of recognizing something like this even if it is true. He certainly isn’t behaving like somebody who feels any obligation towards Russians. I don’t think he is cognitively equipped to recognize a debt of this magnitude.

So if he crushes Ukraine with such a statement, it will be a result of an impulsive, unthinking moment. And then everything will depend on whether Ukrainians will be able to realize that it’s a result of impulsivity and not of any concerted policy and of a coherent worldview.