Ef Your Money

And. . . at the last moment Governor Rauner stepped in and saved Our Problematic Sister. He needs it because after he loses his governor seat, it will be turned into an online diploma mill, and he’ll gain financially.

I don’t care much because even if all of the OPS’s budget were given to us, neither I nor my students would see a dime. All the money would go to building yet another Diversity Center and to hiring yet another million ideology police to persecute us. So ef your money, Governor. We are better off without it.

One thought on “Ef Your Money”

  1. Speaking of online diploma mills, everyone either is becoming one or is getting one. This is part of fluidity and the end of the nation-state. Professors can be located anywhere, and students too, and with standardized curricula and even course numbers, it’s like Macy’s online vs. Bloomingdale’s or something … everyone says this is great because it’s access, but I notice that in the meetings on it everyone is talking about giving students skill sets and teaching them how to market themselves. I am nostalgic for the days when most students were from the state the university was in and each university had its own personality. Again, I am conservative or at least traditionalist.


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