Everybody’s Got an Obsession

Bolton is a pan-warmonger; he may mean it. But Trump may be giving his backers a heads-up. https://t.co/woKOc7bjEt

— Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) April 11, 2018

It’s like she has no other thought in her head aside from this weird obsession with heads-ups. What a crazy person.

7 thoughts on “Everybody’s Got an Obsession”

  1. Sarah Kendzior is a nutjob. She played the victim when Jacobin published an article, which linked to one of her tweets, and claimed that the journal and the author of the piece were mocking rape threats she had received. But the actual Jacobin article was criticizing Kendzior for her rather nonchalant attitude toward these rape threats. Maybe Jacobin could be criticized for linking to a (public) tweet without permission. But anyway, the Jacobin article was not making fun of rape, and the author of the piece was not a misogynist, as Kendzior claimed. I think the article might have been retracted or edited, with the tweet removed. I don’t remember. And then some of the people at Jacobin got involved in a twitter/social media fight about everything, and it was all really stupid. If you do a google search for “Jacobinghazi” you might find a summary of the events, but it’s probably not worth your (or anyone’s) time.


    1. Googled it. God, oh God. These people should all collectively urgently get a life. This is completely and totally nuts.

      “There is also a convention that has emerged in online feminism: not to link to personal accounts of violence without permission. ”

      Huh? What is this even about? Crazy fucks.


      1. “There is also a convention that has emerged in online feminism: not to link to personal accounts of violence without permission. ”

        Translation: Don’t do anything to cause an account/story like that to go viral (again) because that often means attracting swarms of trolls who’ll do everything up to and including doxxing.

        Just be glad you don’t write a whole bunch of personal first person essays because it’s very different now than it was 20 years ago. Maybe I received some angry yet polite emails. Now I’d not only get torrents of angry emails and tweets and death/rape threats, people would be combing records to find out where I live, where I work, where my family members live and work, and spreading it far and wide so the craziest most volatile people might do their worst. [It doesn’t stop at trying to get you or your spouse fired.]


        1. But in all fairness,the person who really causes such a story to go viral is the person who writes and publishes it online, right? If we don’t want people to read what we write, we put it in a diary and lock it in our desks. Or at the very least, publish it anonymously. I will never understand this.


          1. That’s why there are certain things I will never talk about under my real name in first person essays or tweets or anything of the like.
            Kendzior doesn’t try to be anonymous. But also, there’s a lot of people who do and then are found out anyways. They use a picture that can be linked to their real name somewhere, or they underestimate how much time people will spend digging through their online record to find a clue, any clue to their real life identity.


          2. “If we don’t want people to read what we write…”

            That’s why I so agree with you, Clarissa, about the whole Facebook “scandal”. I seriously do no get why so many people are upset that some other company is using their Facebook info w/o permission. Even if some of the info is supposed to be “private,” you’re posting it on the Internet, of all places!

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