Folks, you know I’m not into videos but this one is just too hard-core. The sheer ignorance of this shit blows my mind.

Across the Border

We bitch about Rauner but in Missouri they have it worse. Their new Governor is being investigated for playing 50 Shades of Grey with a mustachioed lady hairdresser. The whole story is both tawdry and pathetic. Follow the link at your own risk. (It’s workplace safe in terms of imagery but still pretty disgusting).

Extreme Consumerism

Some of the most extreme manifestations of consumerism are:

1. Bucket lists. Life as measured by acts of conspicuous consumption. Consuming “experiences” is as consumerist as buying shoes.

2. Tinder and Co. Consuming people as clumps of meat and nothing else.

3. Subscription boxes. Buying things without even knowing what they are.

4. Decluttering craze. Getting rid of stuff to buy more stuff.

5. Gender fluidity. Pretending that one body is several to buy stuff for all of them.

Feel free to add to the list.