High Risk

This is part of (a very convoluted and weird) handout we just received:

Words cannot describe how wrong this sounds. Nobody should stick their dirty fingers into the ailing psyches of distressed individuals. All of this psychobabble is downright dangerous when produced by unqualified individuals with zero medical training. This is also very hypocritical because we keep saying that mental illness is real illness, yet nobody in their right mind would advise professors to do this kind of thing for a student who is having a heart attack, experiencing a stroke or is in the midst of a hypoglycemic episode.

Cursing at Students

When you teach crap like “intercultural communication” instead of real courses in real disciplines, you invite this kind of sorry crap:

A New Jersey community college investigates a professor for cursing at conservative student who argued that men are sexually harassed, too.

Note that this is a community college. These are not over-privileged rich kids who can waste their pampered lives on discussing such ridiculous subjects.

If course, a professor can turn out as mentally unstable as anybody else, but you increase the chances of bringing cuckoo people on campus if you offer cuckoo subjects.