You Can’t Help

There are some sites who are less extreme and which moderate violent comments, but I have visited no site that would provide real kind of psychological help for those men who suffer in loneliness.

This is a very dumb statement. You can’t provide psychological help to people who don’t actively seek it. You can provide psychiatric care against people’s will if you have them committed. But you can’t provide “real kind of psychological help” to strangers online who don’t think they need such help. You can’t even provide it to dearly beloved people you know very well in person. Only qualified professionals can provide such help to people who ask them to offer this service.

Another thing: people who don’t think they have a psychological (as opposed to a psychiatric) problem don’t have a problem. “You have a problem because your behavior bothers me” is a nonsensical statement. If you are bothered, the problem is yours. And you can either remove yourself from the interaction or accept the situation. Because you can’t “cure” somebody else.

As for the rest of the post, “women are horrible” is as popular of a narrative as “men are horrible.” The absolute majority of people who engage in it don’t harm a fly. Venting about these feelings either in oral conversation or in writing is actually a good thing. If a person is not inclined towards violence, no amount of angry websites, violent movies or video games can “make them” violent.

SIU Carbondale Sinks

Inside Higher Ed picked up the story of Carbondale’s plan to exploit unpaid professors.

Unless Carbondale issues a formal retraction and makes a public apology soon, this won’t end well for the already struggling university. Nobody wants to send their kids to a school that gets the worst press in the country all the time.

Boozy Stewed Rabbit

The boozy stewed rabbit came out beyond delicious.

It has one of those huge bottles of red wine in it per 2 rabbits. I stewed it with carrots and peas and served it over my signature lentils with kale. The only bad thing about it is that it’s impossible to stop eating.

P.S. It’s not a cheap dish, though. Altogether, it comes to $40. But it will feed us for 3 days because it’s two whole rabbits and a ton of vegetables.

A Grant and a Job







The objective of the Channabasappa Memorial Scholarship is to encourage engineers and scientists to further their education in subjects related to desalination and water re-use. The Scholarship provides financial assistance to undergraduate students who have been accepted into a graduate program of doctoral studies and who intend to pursue a desalination and water reuse related research thesis.

Monetary Award

The total maximum grant per student is up to $10,000 USD. The award is paid in two equal installments: the first upon notification that the recipient has won, and the second after IDA has received a mid-term progress report from the student’s academic advisor.

The individual selected for scholarship must have other sources of funds to supplement this grant that will allow the student to complete graduate degree requirements.

2. Archives Supervisor Paisley Park


No Love for Lovejoy

OK, so the plan to use Elijah Lovejoy’s name died two hours after being proposed because it turns out he said something intolerant about Catholics once. Of course, everybody born before year 2000 said something that’s not currently PC about someone, so nobody will ever be pure enough to have a usable name.

We still have our most important library named after the non-PC Lovejoy, so I’m not sure what we will do about that.

Chinese Rabbit

“Good for you!” a woman in the checkout line exclaimed, looking at my purchases on the counter. “It’s 8 am, and after getting the kids up and taking them to school, I could use some myself.”

“What a strange reaction to green peas,” I thought. “She must like them a lot.”

And then I realized that she was looking at the humongous bottle of wine I bought to cook my rabbits. Normally I use sour cream but I can’t have any right now, so I got to get inventive. Rabbit tends to be on the dry side, so you have to infuse it with something.

I considered explaining this to the woman who must have decided I was a serious alcoholic but that seemed a bit insecure.

What’s really weird is that the only kind of rabbit I can buy here is “farmed in China.” This is crazy because we have crazy crowds of rabbits run around the area. Why nobody can figure out a way to hunt them locally is a mystery.