When Klara was younger, aside from everything else I had to drag around, I had to have in my humongous backpack her dolly, her dolly’s dolly, the dolly’s blanket, the dolly’s pillow, the dolly’s bottle, and sometimes the dolly’s stroller.

Now, however, she’s older and finally – finally! – has an imagination. So we play for hours with an imaginary dolly, feed her imaginary food that we heat up in an imaginary kitchen, take her temperature with an imaginary thermometer, etc. Not only is it amazing to see a little human being sprout an imagination, but it also makes for a lighter backpack.

Today, I picked Klara up and she slaughtered me with, “Put me down, mommy. You can’t carry me all day. Your back’s gonna hurt. You’ll need to go to a doctor. Doctor will give you medicine.” I still can’t get over her giving these little speeches that are very much to the point.

Equal Opportunity

We are trying to hire a Director of Equal Opportunity, Access and Title IX Coordination because we have to. Very few colleagues seem to care or understand the power of the person in this position. And it’s probably the most crucial thing happening on campus right now.

I watched the videos of all three candidate talks, and I’m very worried. One of the candidates rattled on and on about the usual intersectionality and microaggressions claptrap. The second candidate was all about how businesses are going to dominate all public schools anyway, so let’s make it all convenient for them. I think she understands “access” as giving big business access to dominating the campus.

The third candidate gave me hope because she actually talked about the true meaning of access and equal opportunity, which, in my view, is about the rights of the disabled. The other two candidates didn’t even mention the disabled at all.

I’ll let you know which candidate wins but I’m afraid that the champion of the rights of the disabled stands no chance.


The real-estate market around here is so overheated that house owners don’t have the time to post for-sale signs before the house has a buyer. Folks who are trying to buy can’t get any showings for months because everything is sold the second it hits the market.

We are not a highly desirable economic area. No high-tech companies have moved into the region. There is no economic boom. We literally have nothing but the university in a deepening financial crisis and St Louis next door, which is not a hub of exciting economic activity, to put it very mildly.

This worries me. I don’t want to be a doomsayer but this smells like another real estate bubble to me. But yet again, nobody talks about it because folks are too busy moaning that a comic said “fuck” and “pussy” during a routine.

A B Performance

I don’t know what it is that people are debating so avidly about Michelle Wolf. The routine was OK. The jokes about the uselessness of the Democrats or looking for spare change in the pussies were great. The jokes about Paul Ryan and Roy Moore were super. There was way too much on SHS, for my liking, but whatever.

It’s a solid B performance, I’d say. What’s the big deal? My social media are flooded by a debate about the routine.

In the meantime, nobody is talking about the Javelins, the sanctions that are devastating the Russian economy, stuff that should be of interest in a culture that seems obsessed with Russia. Yet a B performance by a B-list comedienne is huge news.