The World Is Laughing

People have gone nuts because a kid in Utah wore a Chinese dress to the prom. But people who are actually in China are stunned by the idiocy of the reaction:

When the furor reached Asia, though, many seemed to be scratching their heads. Far from being critical of Ms. Daum, who is not Chinese, many people in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan proclaimed her choice of the traditional high-necked dress as a victory for Chinese culture. “I am very proud to have our culture recognized by people in other countries,” said someone

What’s especially hilarious is that some little fool wrote this:

My culture is NOT” your prom dress, he wrote, adding profanity for effect.

In reality, his “culture” has nothing to do with China. His is a culture of cheap outrage over issues of consumption.


And citing a widely discredited book from the 1970s by Arthur Koestler called “The Thirteenth Tribe,” he posited that Ashkenazi Jews were descended not from the biblical Israelites but from the Khazars, a Turkic people who converted to Judaism in the eighth century.

Oh, so it’s not true? I thought it was because that’s what I was taught in college. Which is why I thought I couldn’t be Ashkenazi. My ancestors moved East from Western Europe. And my Ukrainian ancestors did the same, moved to the East. Because we are so smart.