Mommy Is a Big Girl

At the playground, Klara informed a strange gentleman:

“I took my mommy to go potty. Mommy is a big girl now. She goes potty. She no goes into her diaper any more. Good girl, mommy!”

I’m glad I’m the age I am because 10 years ago I’d be mortified. And now I don’t even care.


The board last month narrowly rejected a proposal to take $5 million from Carbondale’s budget to give to Edwardsville. It means SIU Carbondale will continue with about 60 percent of the system’s share of state funding, despite having just slightly more students than Edwardsville.

This is not true, however. The problem is that they are bluntly refusing to give us our 40%. There is a conflict here precisely because they aren’t even giving us the 40% in spite of having identical enrollments.

Our Mathematicians

Mathematics professor Marcus Agustin spends a lot of time inside the student fitness center, but he’s no gym rat. Agustin and other faculty have been crammed in the gym facility for four years while waiting for construction on new classrooms and offices to be finished.

Folks, it’s completely true. Our poor mathematicians have been stuck in these makeshift plywood boxes in the depths of the gym that they have to call “offices.” Mathematicians seem to have a great sense of humor that helps them deal with it but the gym entrails where they’ve had to be housed are shameful. The message this sends to students is that we don’t have a great respect for mathematics. And that’s wrong.