Different Slogans

Russians are celebrating the victory in WWII today. Their favorite slogan today is “We Can Repeat”, meaning that they can repeat whatever they did during the war. Defeat their enemies, show everybody how great they are, whatevs.

Ukrainians are also celebrating. Curiously, their slogan is “Never Again.” The Ukrainian slogan dates back to a long time ago. The Russian slogan is very new. I think it was brought into use only in the last couple of years.

There is no doubt in my mind that no actual survivor of the war would support this new Russian slogan. But. . . who cares about such things any more?

Freaky Eurovision

Of course, the Russian Eurovision team is freaky because, as we all know, Russians are not in a good place and have gone collectively [even more] coo-coo. But it also seems like Eurovision in general has gone in the direction of freakishness. It doesn’t seem to be about the catchiest tune or the most representative artist from each country. It seems like it’s getting more and more in vogue to nominate the weirdest artists with the strangest numbers they can come up with.

I have enough of “whoever acts in the most outrageous way wins” in the US politics, and it would be nice not to see so much of it everywhere else.