A Local Fellow

There’s this local fellow called Rob. Working class. Got injured on a construction job, then the 2008 crisis hit, and there were no more jobs even for uninjured workers.

So he started spending a lot of the time at the gym. First, to recover from the injury, but also because there was nothing much else to do. In spite of having a naturally very slight frame, he got quite ripped. People started coming up to him for advice. He developed a following, became a personal trainer.

Then he became part owner of the gym, got married, and started a health-food restaurant.

I’ve seen this whole story develop almost from the start.

2 thoughts on “A Local Fellow”

  1. Now that, Clarissa, is a heck of a story! You could write a book and it might become a bestseller. Either nonfiction or novelized. I believe something like this really could happen. (Both the bestseller part and the injury-gym-owner-restaurateur part.) But what are the odds?


    1. This is a true story. I have zero imagination. Everything I write is a very literal retelling of what I see.

      I so wish I had an imagination and could come up with plots. But I’m useless.


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