Somebody at school taught Klara to say, “No way, Ho-Zay,” which drives the Spanish teacher in me up a wall. Which she obviously senses and repeats the expression every three minutes.

‘I Hope Each Bullet Was Justified.’

A blood-curdling article in the NYTIMES: “‘I Hope at Least That Each Bullet Was Justified.’ Israelis Reflect on Death in Gaza.”

I keep hoping it’s biased reporting, that people are not really saying all of these things, that the quotes are cherry-picked for effect. I know I’m being silly but it’s so hard to accept.

Fluidity in Our Lives

Is there anybody on this blog who lives in the same place they were born? By place I mean a city, a town, or at least a state? There are several very young readers here, so it might be true for them. Anybody else, though?

Are you friends with somebody who is living where they were born? Because I’ve been thinking about it, and I don’t have close friends like that. I have two acquaintances but that’s about it.

Absolutely True

The child in question can be any age between 1 and 101.

A Russian mother is not on here but her reaction would probably be “OK, bye” as she races online to sell all the child’s belongings and his share of the apartment while he’s away and then to barricade the door.

A Russian-Ukrainian couple, as a result, is mega-screwed. Or so I heard. 🤔