I’m in Seattle!

The view from my balcony:

At the airport, there is a check-in counter for Amazon employees.

Cultural Differences

Two headlines side by side in my newsfeed:

American: “Only 3 survivors in a deadly airplane crash in Cuba.”

Ukrainian: “There are survivors in the airplane crash in Cuba! At least 3 people have survived!”

And now imagine how a Ukrainian with this disposition fares in American academia.

Atlantic Wisdom

The Atlantic, on the other hand, regaled me with a true gem.

In America today, the article pompously announced, there is no better predictor if one will be able to form a stable, lasting marriage than if this person grew up with parents who were in a stable, lasting marriage.

The part about “in America today” is priceless. Because everywhere else, of course, people learn how to conduct relationships not from their parents but from Santa Claus. Suck on that one, Grandpa Freud!

The article’s goal seems to be to shame those of us who give our children an unfair advantage in life by not leading disordered, chaotic lifestyles. As liberal smugness and preachiness go, it doesn’t get worse than this. And to think I actually considered subscribing. I read a whole issue, and it’s all like this. There wasn’t a single insight I gleaned from it.

Traces of Religion

I just read an article in National Review that made it clear to me why I’m finding the SJW rhetoric so outlandish and incomprehensible. That’s because it follows in the Christian tradition. Speech crimes (first there was word; don’t pervert the language of the gospel), the centrality of suffering, the narratives of gleeful victimhood, the chants, the expulsion and the hounding of the unfaithful, “you are murdering me [destroying my eternal soul] by exposing me to heresy,” etc. I wasn’t raised in this tradition, so I’m not getting it.

True Victims

Turns out Whitney Houston was sexually abused as a child. Of course, I’m sure she stubbed somebody’s toe or was rude to somebody while she was alive, and that’s real victimhood, so forget about the abuse she experienced.

What are we waiting for? Let’s start burning her records.