Rain, Rain

The folks I feel really badly about are the unfortunate characters who came here for the long weekend. It looks like it will rain non-stop way past the Memorial day. I’m here until almost July, so I don’t mind a few rainy days but for the people who were counting on this weekend to be able to swim and sunbathe, it is tough. They would have been better off wherever they came from.


Seeing oneself as an autonomous individual is not a natural state for human beings. This vision of the self had to be engineered and battled for, and it’s a pretty recent construction.

The reason why it was constructed is that it’s needed for the development of capitalism. Capitalism requires individuals who are alienated from the fruits and the process of their labor, from each other, and from nature.

Our whole vision of ourselves as freely acting individuals who are separate from everything else and don’t recognize any natural order that exists beyond themselves is completely manufactured and very recent.