Here is how the union explains why we are in the habit of endorsing horrible candidates.

1. We don’t want to look partisan and like we always support the same party.

2. The evil candidate will win anyway and if we endorse we stand a chance of the evil candidate being open to hearing us out in the future.

I’m unconvinced because I asked for an example of when an evil candidate actually stood with us on an issue and none were forthcoming.

Unlike other people, I’m not leaving the union over this. But I’d be lying if I said this didn’t bother me.


There is a simple test one can use to check oneself for hypocrisy. The test is to ask oneself: Would I feel the same if somebody referred to Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama as cunts on TV?

Samantha-Bees and Trumps come and go. None of them is worth getting rid of one’s organizing principles.

Bee Should Go

This Samantha Bee, whoever she is, should, of course, be fired immediately and her show should be cancelled.

As with Roseanne, I don’t watch the show and have no interest in the genre. But this kind of behavior is not OK. Calling women cunts on TV is not OK.

People who see some sort of a difference between Barr and Bee are damn hypocrites. The so-called feminists who are justifying Samantha Bee are a disgrace. And the wails of “but she did it for the kiddies” are nauseating.

The only decent thing to do is to support the firing of both of these disgusting quacks, Barr and Bee.