Everybody online keeps talking about how Kate Spade was “depressed.” There’s zero evidence of that, though, as well as of any “mental illness.” You don’t have to be sick to kill yourself. There is some overlap between depressive types and suicide types but it’s not that huge. Most depressives never kill themselves. The people who keep threatening suicide or making unsuccessful attempts are in a completely different category than those who actually do kill themselves. These are all vastly different psychological types. The mopey types are actually very good at clinging to life. They feed on the energy they suck out of others. Many successful suicides are actually very upbeat, highly narcissistic people with a positive, showy persona. Obviously, there are exceptions but the correlation of “she moped and wined and then offed herself” is not true.

Kate Spade Was a Dick

God, she had a 13-year-old daughter and still she killed herself? What a total dick. What kind of an evildoer does this to a girl who is entering puberty? Jeez.

At first, I felt compassion but then I read about the daughter and I have no compassion anymore for a self-centered prick who’d do that to a kid.

Learning to Learn

Knowing how to learn is a great skill. I wanted to write an article about film but I was completely ignorant about film theory. So I took a couple of weeks and taught myself film theory.

The article was accepted for publication with cosmetic changes 15 minutes ago. Both reviewers praised my deep knowledge of film theory.

I’ll soon be submitting my first article on Basques. I wonder if people will notice I’m a neophyte.