Mommy to Hold

“Why are ladies swim in donuts?” Klara asks, pointing at two bathers in the sea who are using inflatable donuts.

“Because it’s fun to float in a donut!” I explain, trying to attract her to the idea of using in a donut instead of having me hold her in the water at all times.

“No, Mommy,” she says. “It’s because they no have a mommy to hold them.”

The Border

I agree with Mike:

The “open borders” nonsense of liberals has caused me to separate myself more from them than just about any other area of liberal virtual signalling.

It’s not the top-of-the-list issue I have with them (because I have so many) but it’s in the top five. The degree of obliviousness people exhibit on the issue seems downright malicious.

Once again, I highly recommend Sam Quinones’s Dreamland (that wasn’t even remotely written to address immigration) to start developing an understanding of the issues on our southern border.

Avoiding Help

The problem isn’t which therapy works and which doesn’t. The problem is that people don’t seek help for psychological issues. And I’m not talking about people who live in poverty and simply can’t afford it or those who don’t have the intellectual and cultural capital to realize help can be had. I’m talking about educated people who definitely could afford to seek help and get better.

It’s especially sad when people don’t even consider seeking help for their kids who have obvious issues that could use assistance.

And please, please, folks, don’t start telling me that the problem is with some (completely imaginary) mental health stigma. Cheap, meaningless diagnoses aren’t stigmatized or avoided. Effective help that makes these diagnoses unnecessary is. The reason is that for many people these conditions are useful. And they are unwilling to look honestly at the benefits they derive from this suffering.