Tefteli and Egg Soup

I just made a huge vat of tefteli (Ukrainian meatballs with rice type of thing) and egg soup for Klara. And yesterday I drove to the grocery store. Obviously, I only got in the car after being off meds for over 36 hours. But nothing makes me feel as normal as grocery shopping.

I’m still resting today but tomorrow I’ll be back to work.

Masterpiece Cakeshop for the Left

Democrats now have their own Masterpiece Cakeshop in the person of the restaurant owner who refused to serve SHS for ideological reasons. As usual, nobody will have an ounce of self-awareness or consistency. The defenders of Masterpiece will condemn the restaurant owner without noticing the irony. They will organize campaigns to put her out of business while howling to the moon about the folks who did the exact same thing to Masterpiece Cakeshop’s owner.

Invasion, Anybody?

Finally, a plan has surfaced:

The Council on Foreign Relations reports that most of the refugees headed north are fleeing some of the most violent countries in the world. The instability is the product of both U.S. interference and neglect. It won’t be solved by harsher enforcement of our own laws but by the Northern Triangle putting its own house in order and making El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras safe again for their own people.

I think this person is advocating an invasion of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. I have no idea how you can make them “safe again for their own people” otherwise.

Hey, I respect this person for at least trying to articulate something. The professional weepers who have been wailing over Central American immigrants for weeks haven’t even done this much. This is at least somebody who is ready to stick their head out of a well of self-congratulation by a millimeter and try to come up with some ideas. Even crazy ideas are better than nothing at this point.

I want to believe we have turned a corner and a serious discussion of Central American immigrants is going to begin.