News Ads

On Fox News, all commercials are for hearing aids, dentures and prostate problems. In the same time slot, the MSNBC ads are Uber, Facebook, and travel.

At the Beauty Store

At the local beauty store, my sister, my niece and I got into the wrong line and debated loudly in Russian. Then we spilled a huge amount of coffee and made an enormous puddle on the floor.

“There is not a single person in this line who isn’t experiencing anti-immigrant sentiments right now,” I told my sister. “We just created several more Trump voters here at the store.”

Mystifyed by FB

What I don’t get about Facebook is what possesses normally reasonable people to inform the same tiny group of relatives and friends how much they detest Trump day after day after endless day, often many times a day. I mean, how is it possible that people don’t realize that communicating the same inane Hitler analogy to the same group of folks six times in a week is a bit redundant.

I wish I knew any Republicans so I could ask them if it was the same for them during the Obama years. It had to be, right?