The Real Snowflakes

After ISIS collapsed (and by the way, where is the widespread celebration of that fact?), many of the ISIS women and their children remained trapped in refugee camps in Syria because, understandably, nobody wants them.

A widespread position among these women seems to be the following:

“We made a mistake, but everyone in the world makes mistakes,” she said. “How long can we pay the price for a mistake? For our whole lives?”

The statement comes not from a pouty teenager but from a 44-year-old woman. Nobody expects great adjustment from a woman whose idea of fun is to join ISIS, yet the sense of entitlement is quite striking. Not only doesn’t everybody in the world make “mistakes” of this caliber but everybody who is an adult is, indeed, aware of having to live with the consequences of their actions for their whole lives. Usually, people get the message by their early teenage years.

8 thoughts on “The Real Snowflakes”

  1. The quote seeks to trivialize the problem, but there is a legitimate question here. When we deal with crime and punishment, how much is enough?


    1. I think it’s more about if people figured out how to get there from Canada, it’s up to them to figure out how to get back. It’s hardly possible they have no relatives or friends.


  2. Are these western women who joined ISIS for fun or Syrian women who were forcibly kidnapped and taken as slaves? Some context would be nice.


    1. I googled the quote and it mentions a German so I think this is mostly European jihadi groupies (vicariously enjoying the violence and mayhem).
      I might go for some chance at rehabilitation for the minors (groomed online), but the adults? No. They need to face the music (irony intended) may it be loud and raucous.


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