My newfound love for white clothing is defeated by my tendency to let food and drink plop out of my mouth the second I begin eating or drinking.

6 thoughts on “White”

  1. “my tendency to let food and drink plop out of my mouth ”
    there’s a lot of that going around, the last week or so it seems I can’t get through the day without getting food on my shirt. I was eating fresh cherries the other day being very, very careful when I spit out a seed (okay, maybe not that careful) and it bounced off another and right onto my shirt, I’m still not sure of the physics of it…


    1. One thing that is definitely better in this country than in mine in terms of fruit are sweet cherries. They are unbelievably good, if expensive, here.


  2. This is why I never buy white shirts.

    I used to have a pale green shirt that looked really nice on me, but I spilled coffee on it every single time I wore it. I would go weeks without a coffee spill, put on that green shirt and manage to spill coffee on it within an hour. I eventually decided it was just cursed and donated it to Goodwill.


  3. I found a white blouse that I really like for work, but I find myself planning my lunches around wearing it – no leftovers, no salad etc.


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