Bad Luck

I know somebody who is supposed to go to Greece for a beach vacation on Saturday. This is a working class person who had to work a lot to save for the trip. Obviously, she’s better off than the folks who experienced the fires but I still feel bad for her.

Safe Passage

Two out of three men under the age of 25 in Latin America don’t believe that when women say no to sex they actually mean it. 86% would do nothing if a male friend hit their girlfriend. Over 80% think men but not women should be able to have sex with whomever they want. Three out of four oppose any form of abortion rights. 40% believe that it’s ok to have sex with an unconscious woman. 72% believe that women get raped because they dress provocatively.

These are all young men. Among older generations it’s much worse.

Job Wars

A Jewish doctor was fired on a suspicion that somebody who might be him posted comments on racist websites. He also had racists among his FB friends.

I’ve been following Russian and more recently Spanish neo-Nazis on social media for years. Obviously, I detest their ideology, and often the crap they write is painful to read on an almost physical level. But I do it in order to stay informed. There is great probability that the Jewish doctor is, unlike me, an actual racist. The thing is, though, it always starts with those who are actually guilty. Then it touches those who might be guilty. And finally it gets to those who are clearly not guilty but who are in somebody’s way.