The First Crisis Novel

One of the speakers at the Bavarian symposium is the author of the first crisis novel I read. That novel made me think there was going to be a whole genre of crisis literature and that I needed to write a book about it.

I started working on the book before the genre actually appeared, which is why I published before anybody else did. And now I know that half a dozen people are writing books about it. But I’m the first one.

That first novel didn’t make it into my book. I started writing about it but then cut it all out. The book is of the ironically postmodern kind, and I just don’t like this kind of stuff. I can’t write on books I’m passionate about. And it doesn’t matter if I’m passionately liking or hating them. But I can’t be lukewarm about a book if I’m working on it.

Still, it’s very cool that the writer will be there.

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