Narcissistically Wounded Customers

All of the writing about motherhood (and much of the writing about womanhood) is done from the position of extreme narcissistic woundedness. There are tons of normal mothers, but the public discourse is dominated by the raging narcissists like the author of the ridiculous opinion column titled “Mothering in the Age of Fear.

A month doesn’t pass without some drama queen writing this precise piece with these precise examples and this precise rhetoric. A consumer was prevented from shopping at her convenience. The horror! In the meantime, research demonstrates, time and again, that children who, like the author’s 4-year-old, are parented with a screen between them and the mother, lag behind by the first grade by as much as 17 months, linguistically, cognitively, and emptionally. Curiously, nobody is in as much rush to report this important information as they are to glorify the imaginary sufferings of a frustrated Starbucks customer.

The Language of the Past

It gets really funny when academics discover that some unquestionably great authors of the past eras didn’t speak the language of the politically correct US academia in 2018. The confusion and the dismay lead them to create really bizarre arguments to explain away the uncomfortable truths.

The most recent example I’ve seen is an academic who just can’t accept that a Spanish writer of 70 years ago could have sincerely expressed pride in Spain’s imperial past. That would mean the writer was a big old meanie! It can’t be! The possibility that people honestly admired Cort├ęs and Pizarro up until 5 seconds ago and everywhere except for a tiny minority of classrooms simply does not occur.

This is the same phenomenon I have observed in the earlier post today. People need everybody, even the generations that have been dead for a long time, to cheer their ideological preferences of the last 15 minutes. When this doesn’t happen, they seem completely lost and very wounded.

Please Donate

This is one of the most talented bloggers out there. I donated to her and I suggest you do, too. This is a great way to support gifted journalists.

And before anybody mentions it, I don’t care a whit how her politics differ from mine. I’m not suffering from a narcissistic injury, so I’m not looking for a mirror wherever I go. This is a talented person, and the world is a better place when talented people write.

She also has a little girl, if that helps.

Hollow at the Core

It’s unbelievable anybody still argues that the NYTimes is not allied strongly enough with the basket-case fringes. The paper has become impossible to read since the election because there’s barely any reporting. One article after another celebrates the aggressively cuckoo.

What’s really interesting here is why the cuckoo faction so upset at not being irreflectively celebrated non-stop. This can only mean it intuits a vacuousness at its core that it tries to fill up with endless ranting.