Narcissistically Wounded Customers

All of the writing about motherhood (and much of the writing about womanhood) is done from the position of extreme narcissistic woundedness. There are tons of normal mothers, but the public discourse is dominated by the raging narcissists like the author of the ridiculous opinion column titled “Mothering in the Age of Fear.

A month doesn’t pass without some drama queen writing this precise piece with these precise examples and this precise rhetoric. A consumer was prevented from shopping at her convenience. The horror! In the meantime, research demonstrates, time and again, that children who, like the author’s 4-year-old, are parented with a screen between them and the mother, lag behind by the first grade by as much as 17 months, linguistically, cognitively, and emptionally. Curiously, nobody is in as much rush to report this important information as they are to glorify the imaginary sufferings of a frustrated Starbucks customer.

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