Stinky Day

If fish costs a ridiculously low amount in summer, I’m sure we all know what this means. But I’m working on a new article, so my head is in the clouds. I brought the poor creature home and left it overnight in the fridge.

On the next day, I opened the refrigerator and did notice it stank like a skunk. But I was still mulling over the article, so I stuck the poor, tortured cod in the oven. While it cooked,I decided that the canalization broke down and kept trying to smell out the toilet.

It was only when I forced myself to start eating the nasty thing that I finally realized what was causing the ungodly fetor. And now I have no idea how long it will take to get rid of the stench in the midst of a heat wave.

August 3 is the day I got married to my first husband. So this day has stunk for 23 years.


Guess who’s on level 700 on Candy Crush?

What helps me win are the same qualities that I appreciate in life. One is never to give up, even if things seem completely hopeless. I haven’t abandoned a single level, even if it was obvious I’d lose. Because you never know what stroke of magic luck can save the round in the end. And if there’s no magic, you can use the losing round to practice your moves for the future.