Amazon stocks Borodinsky bread. It’s super expensive but it’s real bread with a very short shelf- life, meaning that it’s fresh and real.

I can drive to the store to buy it but that’s an hour each way. It’s good to know there’s an alternative way of getting it.

7 thoughts on “Borodinsky”

  1. Gosh, I had not thought of buying bread on Amazon but it would solve my rye problem. Borodinsky then, because it has no preservatives? There are SO many options including the square Scandinavian kind


    1. I’m sure there are cheaper places to buy online. The important thing is that it can be bought online!! For those of us stuck in places with uneatable bread.


  2. How dense is this Borodinsky? I am looking at super-dense. On Amazon there are all these German ones that are like the Scandinavian ones I like, square and dense and 100% rye, and all these labels in Cyrillic that I am indoctrinated to think must have radioactive contents, and in general so much choice I couldn’t stand it. I’ve gone with Black Rooster because I am still fetishizing Latvia.


      1. I’ll try Borodinsky next, then. I have got to get over this fear of labels in Russian I did not know I had. My immediate reaction seems to be fear of radioactivity. This is directly related to all these bomb drills we had in school when I was very small. The Bomb that Kills You has Cyrillic letters on it. !


        1. The bread is not imported from Russia because it has to be fresh. It’s made in small immigrant bakeries in the US using the original recipe. The one I buy is made in Chicago, for instance, and sometimes right here in STL. So no need to fear!

          But it’s interesting how these fears remain ingrained in one. I know exactly what it feels like with the drills.

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          1. I know! And it’s the alphabet, not the actual bread, that scares me! It could be from Chernobyl and I’d eat it, but the Chicago-made wrapper with Cyrillic letters makes me think it’s radioactive!


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