A Great Link

A really fantastic article by Erika Christakis, who must be the woman hounded out of Yale over mariachi costumes. Although the article is not about that in the least but, rather, on the subject of child development, which is her specialty.

Aggressive Childishness

The kid is a gift that keeps on giving:

During a recent interview with PBS, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flubbed a question about the economy, claiming that unemployment was only low at the moment because “everyone has two jobs.” The comment seemed to suggest that she either did not know how the unemployment rate was calculated, or did not understand why it had fallen in recent years.

And it’s not an occasional gaffe. The exuberant, lisping childishness is in most of what she says.

I don’t have much patience for this kind of thing because I get too much of it at work (albeit of the opposite political bent or entirely apolitical).

NYTimes: At Carrier, the Factory Trump Saved, Morale Is Through the Floor

The author of the article is desperately trying to put a crowd-pleasing political slant on the story but facts speak for themselves. This is an issue that is really big, especially among the younger generation, and in well-paying jobs, too. Now let’s imagine what effect bringing UBI, “safe passage,*” and a federal job guarantee into this situation might have.

What Trump did to save the factory should have been done decades ago by Bill Clinton and everybody else since him. Right now, it might be way too late.

* For those who are overseas, a suddenly famous young politician recently declared that the goal of an immigration enforcement agency is to ensure “safe passage” into the country.