Farm Life

What’s really great about rural living is the farm life. Now that the heat wave is relenting a bit (meaning that the temperatures are staying under 100°F), we are starting to take Klara to visit local farms. The one we visited today had a beautiful white pony, donkeys, Guinea fowl, a baby cow, and a bunch of goats. Klara was over the moon about the goats.

There are also beautiful hiking trails on the farm but they are of no use for us with a toddler.

We are planning to go to a farm with llamas next, and then to an apple farm.

I thought I’d hate living in a rural area, but now I totally love it. I’ll have six or seven trips this academic year, and that’s quite enough for me in terms of seeing crowds and hanging out in more populated areas. I actually loved it that there were few people on the farm today. Ten years ago, I really missed big-city crowds. And now I’m all about empty spaces.

5 thoughts on “Farm Life

  1. This is clearly a farm designed to accommodate visitors as well as carry out the actual arduous work of farming. Does it charge an admissions fee, or does it have a souvenir shop where visitors might spend some money on their way out?


    1. Neither. Everything is free and there’s nothing to buy. 🙂

      I think they make money from people renting the barn for weddings and concerts. But otherwise, there is not a cash register in sight.


    2. “a farm designed to accommodate visitors”

      Didn’t you see the Kiwanis sign? It’s probably barely a farm at all and primarily designed to give town kids a taste of country life.

      for others: Kiwanis is one of the ‘service clubs’ that were founded in the First third of the 20th century in the American Midwest (possibly part of the populist-civic backlash against the excesses of the gilded age) that have since gone international. Similar groups would include Junior Chamber of Commerce (jaycees) and the Lions.


      1. They do grow stuff but it’s for local food pantries. Many of the animals are on loan from local owners. So it does seem to be more of a fun place than anything else. It’s very well thought out. There are toys and tricycles lying around all over the place for kids to play.

        We are going to a real working farm next weekend if the weather permits.


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