I’m having a really brilliant day. Nothing special is happening but it’s back to school on Monday, and that’s putting me in a great mood. To express my joy, I started to jump in a really weird way.

“Don’t act like a nincompoop, mommy,” Klara said judiciously.

She learned the phrase from one of her Froggy books, and I’m happy she didn’t choose to use it on any of the adults at the playground.

Let’s Abolish Everything

From a scholarly publication in the UK that is being massively downloaded on Academia:

Ultimately, we call for an intellectual and organisational embracing of the complexity of identity as it figures in contemporary conditions; being a core organising-principle of capitalism as it functions today, a paradigm that Leftist struggle can be organised through and around – and yet all with a recognition of the necessity of historicising, and ultimately abolishing, these categories along with capitalism itself.

For those who can’t plug through the jargon, the authors are saying that they are all for identity politics but their ultimate goal is abolishing both identities and capitalism. No, this wasn’t published in 1925. It was published last month.

These folks totally deserve the mentoring system we discussed yesterday.