Hungry for Activities

We have one of those outfits opening in our town where you go to draw and booze. Or paint and booze. It’s very annoying because we already have a place where you go do pottery and booze. Who needs all of this crap? What we really need is more places you could do indoor activities with kids. And outdoor activities with kids. There are 365 days in a year. And each of those days you got to come up with something to do with kids.

Places like stupid Toys R Us could avoid bankruptcy if they hid two thirds of the inventory and opened up a play space with organized activities for kids. Made themselves a destination for parents who are desperate for activities.

And the same goes for bookstores that whine about Amazon stealing market share. We are at the local bookstore at least once a week because they have a huge play space filled with toys to hug and buttons to press. And while we are there, we get hungry, thirsty, and eager for nourishment for our toddler-overwhelmed brains. It’s brilliant.

Yes, I was silent all day because I noticed the darn paint and booze place in the morning and stewed about it all day. It’s the first week of classes, and it never looks pretty.