NYTimes: The Last Thing Mom Asked

This article should have been called, instead, “When your mother is a horrible person.”

The saddest part is not that mom is a jerk but that the aged daughter is incapable of being mature about it.

A Resourceful Retiree

In Russia, a 73-year-old woman in Siberia tased the postman who was delivering pensions*, bound and gagged him, took his money bag that contained the pensions of the 46 retirees living in her neighborhood, hopped on a plane, and left for Thailand.

The postman stayed gagged for 3 days until a neighbor found him and called for help. It was later discovered that the resourceful retiree had taken out a loan with her apartment as collateral and purchased a one-way ticket to Thailand in preparation for the assault on the postman.

Thailand is known in Russia, first and foremost, as the prime destination for sexual tourism. When I imagine the kind of life a 73-year-old woman could have had in Siberia, I can only feel happy she’ll finally have a good time.

* There is no banking system to do direct deposits. Pension payments are delivered in person by postmen.

Tall and Short

Tall people don’t get short people. N now has a standing desk and he very casually suggested that I use his computer to print something out. He doesn’t seem to be aware that I literally don’t see the screen from my height because it towers way up in the air over my head.

He also keeps placing his power bars and my Tupperware in places where I have to jump up and down like a crazy bunny trying to grab them.

“You exercising, Mommy?” Klara asks when she sees me do it. “You an athlete? Want to do yoga with me?”

I know she’s too young for snark but it still feels hurtful.


When was the last time you took a selfie?

Mine was in June after the surgery because I wanted people on FB know that I was all right.

I have a feeling that nowhere else are generational differences as obvious as in selfie-taking. The younger people are, the more often they take them because their sense of identity is not yet fully formed and they are trying to pin it down with these images.

It’s a Jungle Out There

Sitting in an open floor plan office or having flexible, unassigned seating at work is a challenge to be sure, but these tips can make your work space a bit more bearable.

OK, I didn’t even know that “unassigned seating” was possible. I’m sure it’s cute when you are 20 but later in life it’s simply undignified. God, I love my job.