When was the last time you took a selfie?

Mine was in June after the surgery because I wanted people on FB know that I was all right.

I have a feeling that nowhere else are generational differences as obvious as in selfie-taking. The younger people are, the more often they take them because their sense of identity is not yet fully formed and they are trying to pin it down with these images.

2 thoughts on “Selfies”

  1. The only time I ever took “selfies” was before the term even existed and was usually as a joke, to use up whatever spare exposures on the film I’d got to take holiday snaps with (which gives you an idea of how long ago we are talking about). Perhaps that’s how out of touch I am…


  2. I’ve done a couple of ironic selfies but the idea of putting them up on the internet for public consumption…. that’s just a different reality that I don’t understand or want to understand…


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