Conference Organizing

How can we blame students for submitting everything at the last minute when – as I discovered only today – if you are organizing a session at a conference and the call for papers expires at 11:59 pm of September 30, you will be receiving the bulk of your submissions between 10 pm and midnight of that day. Even though the CFP has been out for months.

I now have a dozen applicants and I have no idea what to do. Who could have known that the subject of transnationalism and feminism would be so popular.

What’s Wrong with Free College?

What’s wrong with free college for everybody? This.

And on top of everything else listed in the article, you’ll need an even larger army of adjuncts to teach introductory English composition and Co without any hope of tenure. Because nobody in their right mind would award tenure for this kind of teaching.

Free college for all sounds great. To those who have zero understanding of how higher education works.

A Diversity-promoting Hobby

More than with any diversity statement, I contribute to diversity with my “selling gewgaws on FB” activities. Only today, I had 3 buyers come over to get stuff I sold them. People often drive from very far away to get here. One of the buyers today drove over 100 miles. Then they meet me and realize that immigrants with weird names who speak in weird accents are kind, sweet, smiling, polite people. And that’s a great thing because nothing breeds acceptance more than familiarity.

I sold $600 worth of gewgaws today, and by the way, I pay taxes on all of my cash sales. Just in case people wonder. Between the ages of 17 and 22, I was an unrepentant, conscious and stone-cold sober tax cheat. Since then, however, I’ve been scrupulously honest on my taxes. I tally up everything I make outside of my official job down to a cent. So I don’t know what you can conclude about me today based on my tax transgressions of 20 years ago.


Also, today I experienced the Kona ice truck for the first time. It’s not an ice-cream truck, as I thought at first. It’s the strangest thing ever. You get a cup filled with crushed ice. Regular crushed ice, like you have in the freezer. And then there are little taps with syrup that you pour on the ice. And then eat it.

The really weird thing, though, are not the ices themselves but that my child knew exactly what they were and what to do with them.

No Text, Please!

I can’t wait until Facebook goes 100% to selling stuff and posting family photos. That’s the really good side of Facebook. I bought two coats for Klara, $50 for both. And sold a $550 gewgaw. Then I looked at the photos of friends’ and colleagues’ kids. What’s not to like?

But no, people have to keep adding text. “As a mother of a cis-gendered white 8-year-old boy I know that my son constitutes a grave danger for the women who will cross his path, yadda yadda yadda.” God, you know? I was a happy person who just sold a gewgaw for a bunch of money and admired some really cute toddler pics. And then I had to see this.

Identity Categories

Leafed through my blogroll and saw, repeated in a hundred identical pieces, that Kavanaugh behaved like a typical entitled white male upper-class frat bro at the hearings. I know that I would have spoken in the exact same way in his situation – and I’m definitely innocent of assaulting Dr Ford or anyone. I honestly have never identified with anybody’s affect on TV as I have with his. So I guess I’m a typical entitled white male upper-class frat bro.

It’s ok to feel however one felt about the hearings. But I’d never say that those who identified with Ford (which I honestly never could) are typical entitled rich spoiled upper-class princesses. Because that’s not how affect works. Both people here are from very privileged backgrounds and their affect is very different. You can’t use these silly identity categories to explain the world. Some people reach towards vulnerability and others reach towards anger in difficult moments. I tend to reach towards anger. This means absolutely nothing whatsoever about my gender or social origins.

I also don’t understand the attraction of making a point that five hundred people already made today. The blogroll looks like it froze because everybody is repeating the exact same, and frankly not very profound, thing.