The Onion

Folks, this is priceless. It could be a readymade piece for The Onion titled “Students Are Grateful to Professor for Teaching Them to Write”:

That is (and in general) the byzantine conceptual multi-dimensionalities of the post-structuralist legacy: toward intellectual play (and, perforce, warfare) in general, then, we might propose, approaching, as he did, the complexities and subtleties of literature, art, and music – extraordinary in itself to be so versatile nowadays – with a precociously rich sense of their instability, their vulnerability, and indeed what we cannot avoid calling their hypocrisy.

Somebody tell me they are trying to be funny. This is too scary otherwise.

Just Like Jesus

The Ronell affair gets funnier by the minute. Turns out there is a website created by her supporters. At first, I wanted to believe that the authors were simply taking the piss but it seems that they are tragically, deadly earnest. This is the example of how they write:

Having been suave and shrewd(and perhaps, again, privileged) enough to have also worked in the (if not quite equally exclusionary then at least by any normal standard) arcane, demanding, and again highly competitive world of art curatorship, and all along sufficiently attentive to and deeply read in philosophy, trans-cutting-edge theory, and literature – multi-lingually, one might note, he apparently had his choice from among the most competitive and desirable graduate programs in literary theory when once his eye twinkled in the direction of that fabled (if apparently declining) realm, whereupon he identified, zeroed in on, and basically hand-selected one of its most renowned and notoriously exacting thinkers as his personal mentor.

I understand they are germanists but is it really necessary for their writing to be this atrocious?

And I didn’t even quote the worst part where Ronell is being compared to. . . Jesus.

I’m not obsessed with these people. I don’t know any of them and don’t care. But I saw the Jesus quote on Jonathan’s blog and I had to go check it out because I couldn’t believe it was for real. Now I wish I hadn’t checked.