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Silly Goose

Klara has the vocabulary of a 5-year-old, plus she’s tall. So nobody ever knows what age she is. Her emotional development and social skills are very age-appropriate, however. And coupled with her extremely good talking skills, they sometimes create embarrassing situations for me.

Today at the bookstore, we sat at the cafe and engaged in an interesting, long conversation. We talked about books, our favorite holidays, books about our favorite holidays, favorite places to read books about our favorite holidays, etc.

All of a sudden, Klara pointed at a woman sitting in the corner and announced in a loud, clear voice, “Look, Mommy! Look at that lady reading a magazine and drinking a beverage. What a silly goose!”

I was mortified but it was too late to explain that this is actually a very small child who has no idea what the expression “silly goose” means. And I don’t even know where she picked it up. I obviously don’t go around rubbishing strangers in front of my toddler.


One thing I didn’t consider when I was choosing my profession was that it would seriously limit the geographic areas where I’d get a chance to live.

I hate these endless summers that go from April to November. It’s the second half of September already but there’s nothing but stupid sun and blistering heat in the forecast for weeks ahead. I hate this so so very much.

And it’s been exactly the same in Montreal, so it’s not like going up North would help unless it’s even farther to the North than that.

Putin’s Agents

Corbyn’s advisor Andrew Murray has been officially banned from visiting Ukraine. He is such an open agent of Putin that he was aiding terrorists in the Donbass region without even trying to be secretive about it. The list of the horrible things this fellow has committed – with complete knowledge and support from Corbyn – is from here to the Moon. There is ample evidence that the two of them get orders directly from the Kremlin.

People keep looking for Putin’s agents. Well, here are two very clear ones.