Country Girl

At the local art fair, Klara discovered country music. “Mommy, what is this music??” she asked with a face of somebody who experienced a revelation.

We had to drag her away from there two hours later, she loved it so much.

The white coat is due to her current love of playing doctor.

Promoting the Opponent

I love Rauner’s political ads because they energize me to vote for his opponent JB Pritzker a lot more than Pritzker’s own ads do. Rauner’s ads give actual lists of what Pritzker supports, and these are all good things that I support, too. I wish Pritzker didn’t need his opponent’s help to articulate his own positions. It’s like he’s afraid publicly to stand up for his beliefs and hides them behind a lot of meaningless identitarian slogans.

Across the river, Claire McCaskill is pretty much losing her vulnerable Senate seat to the Republican opponent. She needs to pull it together because it’s not looking good right now.

Whatever Works

The GOP has been told that Ford does not want to fly from her California home to Washington, according to the Republican senator, which means she may need to drive across the country. Ford has reportedly told friends she is uncomfortable in confined spaces, indicating a physical difficulty in making the trip by plane.

Of course, a car is a lot more confined than a plane, so it’s obvious she must walk. I’m sure she can get there by the end of November. Or better yet, in 2020 of she walks really slowly.

The First French Toast

I tried French toast for the first time today. It turned out to have a very gentle, understated taste. Probably because I made it myself. I had to make a large bowl of salad to go with it because it’s impossible to eat otherwise.

The dish is easier to make than the stuff I usually do for weekend breakfasts but I don’t think I’ll be making it again because it’s so strange.