McCaskill is really in trouble here, folks. I just saw an ad that features her against the backdrop of border walls and insisting she is supported by border patrol agents who say how much they love her and President Trump. Because she believes all the same things.

It was a very weird ad because all those border walls look quite scary when featured en masse. She’s got to be desperate to go in this direction.


Folks, did you watch the Trump press conference? Especially the moment when the journalist from Kurdistan was trying to ask a question? We’ve been laughing like crazy here. It’s truly worth watching. Find that segment and do yourself a favor and watch it.

The rest of the presser is great, too.

Young Liberal

Last night, Klara turned on the TV, sat in front of it, and announced, “Shh, Mommy. I’m watching the TV!”

The TV was tuned in to MSNBC, as always, and there was a segment about Trump.

“What is this, Mommy?” Klara asked.

“This is the president,” I explained.

“Why, Mommy?” she asked. “Why is he the president?”

The question was too deep for me to answer, so I said, “Because it’s his job.”

“Why is he so yucky, Mommy?” she continued.

“He’s not yucky,” I said, feeling that the conversation was running away from me. “He’s the president.”

“Why is he talking funny? Pee you, president! You, silly goose!”

I obviously don’t talk to her or around her about Trump or anything political. But toddlers are like radars. They have direct access to their parents’ subconscious.