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Believe women! Unless they are doing their jobs as qualified professionals. In that case, ridicule and snark on them.

This is normally a chatty, superficial fashion blog. But fashions change, and this is what’s trending right now.

And that’s how Bernie Sanders lost any chance for my vote. I can forget silly little airheads at Atelier Dore (see above) for being fashion-conscious but he should be above these cheap tricks.

This list of “the best books of the 21st century” sucks ass like few things. And that’s because the compilers are looking in the wrong places. Or, rather, wrong language.

Castrate their corpses and feed them to swine, suggests a paragon of tolerance and progressivism.

My Facebook feed is filled with erotic fantasies about Kavanaugh, and this is a perfect gift for the particularly hot and bothered Kavanaughmaniacs.

Yes, I know, it’s all crazy. I wanted to find something better but it’s not the week for that.

27 thoughts on “Crazy Link Encyclopedia

    1. Wow. It all sounds pretty good, at least as described in the linked article. Labor protections, environmental protections – I like all this.

      I now need somebody to explain why I should hate it because I can’t come up with anything. 🙂


      1. I think we’ll have to look more closely before coming to a firm conclusion but I like it too. I’m curious to see what Sherrod Brown and the AFL-CIO have to say about it.


  1. Art is often most powerful when it makes you feel uncomfortable and Seattle-based artist John Criscitello has got that sentiment dialed in.” Lol! Thanks for posting this article, it was hilarious.


  2. Optical Tweezers and Tools Used for Laser Eye Surgery Snag Physics Nobel
    Half of this year’s nine million Swedish kronor ($998,000) prize goes to American physicist Arthur Ashkin for his invention of “optical tweezers,” lasers that can probe the machinery of life without causing damage. The other half will be split jointly between French physicist Gérard Mourou and Canadian physicist Donna Strickland for their development of “chirped pulse amplification”—a method for making ultra-short, high-intensity laser pulses now routinely used in corrective eye surgery and precision machining. Strickland is the first female physics laureate in 55 years, and only the third in the prize’s long, venerable history. The new laureates will receive their prizes in December at a ceremony in Stockholm.


  3. Why Brett Kavanaugh Should Be Confirmed To The Supreme Court Even If He’s Guilty

    In his treatise, “Commentaries on the Laws of England,” jurist William Blackstone famously wrote, “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer.”

    Reconsidering the four options above, and accepting the ugly truth that, ceteris paribus, we will never know definitively of Kavanaugh’s innocence, the Senate’s ultimate decision carries two outcomes: they keep an innocent man from his rightful place on the Supreme Court, or they place a man guilty of sexual assault on the highest court in the land.

    I humbly submit there is only one decision to make from a moral standpoint, and that is to confirm Kavanaugh. The U.S. judicial system was founded on the core principle that defendants carry a presumption of innocence. To abandon this ideal would mean an embrace of Stalinist, mob “justice.”…


    1. Confirm him, don’t confirm him, the damage is done. Once it becomes ok to question people’s employment based on alleged teenage drunk incidents from decades ago, you can’t undo it. Everybody who can’t prove they “didn’t stand next to a punch bowl” somewhere back in the last century is screwed. As well as anybody who has a disgruntled boyfriend or girlfriend somewhere in the remote past, like that fired journalist.


      1. It is already OK. Lots of people have had their lives much more ruined than his because of minor drug possession issues in teenage years. Now they can’t get a job / vote / etc. And Kavanaugh himself believes in this.


          1. And it is why not to support Trump / Kavanaugh. Remember the calls for execution of the Central Park 5 who were not even guilty?


          2. Also, it would be somewhat different if K. said I did this and I am sorry, I have changed, or I do not remember doing this but it should not be done, or something. But he is one of the architects of the campaign against Clinton for Lewinsky, yet at the same time seems to think this behavior (which would include other, worse Clinton behavior, if done by a Republican / Opus Dei type) is A-OK. It’s nutty


  4. Concerning the ripped-off Kavanaugh calendar pillows:

    From a legal standpoint, Kavanaugh’s personal calendar creations are his intellectual property, just like a writer’s short stories or those idiotic paintings that actor Jim Carrey makes of political figures.

    Kavanaugh could sue the pillow artist John Criscitello for intellectual property theft, and demand that the artist either take them off the market or pay him a fee for each pillow sold.

    I would, if they were my calendars!


          1. \ The judged, accused of sexual assault, has been teaching at Harvard for about 10 years and was supposed to teach a course, “The Supreme Court Since 2005,” next semester.

            There is something deeply ironic at a Supreme Court judge being prohibited from teaching that course.

            Isn’t Harvard employing only the best? If he has been teaching there for 10 years, doesn’t it prove his legal knowledge?

            Personally, if I were a Harvard student and knew he were a great lecturer with specially good knowledge on the issue, I would want him to teach me whether he did commit a criminal act or not. Is it very bad? If yes, should former criminals be branded for life and prohibited from becoming professors?


            1. Who cares about knowledge when there is a good opportunity to posture, you know? And besides, people are dispensable, there are more where that one came from, constant fluidity of the workforce is key. Everybody should live in a state of constant precarity. It’s not just literature. It’s life. It’s what we are experiencing every day.

              It’s not a bug. It’s a feature.


    1. I have too many allergy meds in me to figure out how the hell this is a valid way to shut people up (because really the money wouldn’t be the point for him.) I will note, that suing Google to get a DMCA takedown notice is a more effective way to get revenge porn taken down than trying to apply a statute against revenge porn.

      Of course, the main effect of such a suit is publicity…for those beach week calendar pillows.


  5. Yeah, I’m sure we will all tell ourselves just that when 800 posturers sign letters against us.
    How much advance notice are people expected to give if they cannot teach university classes, Clarissa? When would you have otherwise expected him to give notice?


    1. I don’t know how else to explain this. I don’t care about him or his notice. I’m scared by how easy it is to organize a crowd of 800 self-righteous fanatics to express condemnation based on nothing. I haven’t been at Harvard but I’ve been at Yale. And I know how incredibly hard it is to organize 8, let alone 800, of these folks to care about private prisons or mistreatment of cafeteria workers or anything real that’s happening right now. You ask, you beg, but they won’t sign a petition no matter what you do. I should know, I tried. But here, they are suddenly all organized, all proactive.


      1. And scheduling for college classes happens a year in advance. I’m now scheduling for the Spring of 2020. The Spring of 2019 was scheduled a year ago.


      2. “I’m scared by how easy it is to organize a crowd of 800 self-righteous fanatics to express condemnation based on nothing”
        In retrospect, challenging him on the wave of a moral panic based on sexual hysteria was not the optimal solution.
        There’s plenty to investigate here (those baseball tickets…) and plenty to oppose him on populist grounds, but going the hard identity politics route now means that a lot of innocent bystanders are going to be bitten in the ass (as it were).

        Identity politics in the US now is a sewer of destruction, if the democrats don’t wean themselves from it they’re done.


        1. That’s what I’ve been saying from the start. I was opposed to the nomination on ideological grounds. I was opposed all the way to the testimony. And then I heard the testimony, and now I can’t make myself care about politics or baseball tickets. I saw a Soviet-type hounding, and it scares the bejesus out of me. I don’t think people even understand what they have unleashed here.


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