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So the ultra-super-duper-necessary FBI investigation uncovered absolutely nothing – how shocking. And so now the leading objection is that his “temperament” is all wrong.

And once again, as somebody whose temperament is very Ukrainian, I find this kind of objection threatening to me. I don’t ever want the argument that I’m too temperamental to hold a job to be advanced against me. And since it’s too late for me to acquire the temperament of a shrinking violet, I prefer for such arguments to not exist.

Mom Group

“Our group is for working moms and stay-at-home moms. . . We meet on Wednesdays from 9 to 11:30 am.”

Which makes zero sense because working moms are at work on Wednesday mornings and stay-at-home moms are with the kids. And if kids are at school, they are feverishly making dinner and cleaning before the kids get home. Or trying to do the million things they don’t get to do when the kids are there.

Unless it’s for moms of very grown children, I don’t get it. Or very rich women who have servants.

More FB Woes

But the reason why I really hate FB is that I’m forced to see this kind of crap whenever I open it:

I understand that everybody has weird erotic fantasies but is it absolutely necessary to make them public? Some of us are on FB to look at baby pics and buy cute toddler outfits. I have seen this creepy post by – yes, couldn’t you guess – a Russian lady a hundred times now. And by the way, has nobody learned anything about Russian trolls yet? They are not your friend, no matter how well they pander to you.

FB Woes

I’m in a fitness program where you have to sign in through Facebook. I love the program but it seems like all of my FB friends think I’m posting these gym visits to get likes and support. I do have a strong narcissistic component, which is necessary for teaching and good public speaking skills but it doesn’t rise to the degree of needing applause every time I drag myself to a workout. So now I’m deathly embarrassed.