Mysterious Cabbages

We have a local tree that’s very high and these huge cabbages grow on it.

Does anybody know what they are? They are big and very heavy. I don’t want to imagine what happens if they bonk you on the head.


You think somebody is a completely normal person, and then she shows up wearing an angry and graphic anti-abortion T-shirt. To a kiddie birthday party!

“Don’t kill your baby!” and a picture of a crossed out fetus. Most kids at the party are of reading age, and we spend the rest of the party cringing under the barrage of questions from kids, “Mommy, who is killing babies?”

We are at a kid birthday party, for hell’s sake. We obviously all gave birth. So it makes no sense to tell us to avoid killing babies.

Coupled with the fact that I spent the morning attending a Share event for people who lost their actual babies, this isn’t making my day very happy.

Moral Panic and Art

A good article on the moral panic and art but this statement makes no sense:

The culture wars back then always seemed to be about keeping culture from kids. Now the moral panic appears to flow in the opposite direction. The moralizers are young people, not their parents.

Last week we all saw very not-young senators deliver in tones of extreme outrage and in complete seriousness, “you made flatulence jokes, sir?!?” The moral righteousness is a drug that doesn’t discriminate among its addicts.

College Sports

I have zero interest in college sports but the problem with criticizing them is that the alternative isn’t hanging out at the library or going to a coffe-shop with friends. The alternative is staring stupidly at a screen. At least, at a game they are surrounded by other people, feeling united in a shared emotion.

All these criticisms of college sports fandom or Greek life made sense before smartphones became as ubiquitous as they are now. People need to wake up, notice the transformations brought by the technological revolution, and figure out that sports games and sororities are among the better options.

Self-destructing Art

Banksy’s iconic “Girl With Red Balloon” street art went under the hammer at Sotheby’s in a custom frame of the artist’s own design; moments after it sold for £953,829, a booby-trap kicked in, drawing the canvas into a series of shredder blades built into the frame, rendering it down to a pile of forlorn strips of shredded cloth.

Anybody who pays this sort of money for this kind of crap totally deserves to be left with a pile of torn strips.

More Reliable

This is simply hilarious:

Since January, a new emphasis on what Facebook calls “trusted” sources has had perverse effects, boosting traffic for untrustworthy sites, including Fox News and The Daily Mail, while reducing it for more reliable news organizations like The New York Times, CNN, and NBC.

I’ve made an effort to familiarize myself with Fox News recently, and it’s exactly as biased, dishonest, manipulative and propagandistic as the NYTimes.

Saturday Noise

Workers across the road started their Saturday work on the neighbors’ roof at 7:30. They are making a ton of noise with their music. Normally, I wouldn’t mind but it’s a Saturday, and I have a toddler who prefers to sleep until at least 8:30. I tried attracting their attention but they are very high up and the music is loud.

I don’t blame them for wanting to get started early given that it is already extremely hot and will get much worse before 9 am. But it’s a residential neighborhood. People want to sleep in.