You think somebody is a completely normal person, and then she shows up wearing an angry and graphic anti-abortion T-shirt. To a kiddie birthday party!

“Don’t kill your baby!” and a picture of a crossed out fetus. Most kids at the party are of reading age, and we spend the rest of the party cringing under the barrage of questions from kids, “Mommy, who is killing babies?”

We are at a kid birthday party, for hell’s sake. We obviously all gave birth. So it makes no sense to tell us to avoid killing babies.

Coupled with the fact that I spent the morning attending a Share event for people who lost their actual babies, this isn’t making my day very happy.

3 thoughts on “Misplaced”

  1. Why didn’t somebody (like maybe the party’s hostess) tell the lady that her tee shirt was inappropriate and upsetting to some of the children?


    1. Because they’re probably all anti-choice and see nothing wrong with this woman and her kids coming straight from Saturday morning patient harassment abortion clinic protest to a child’s birthday party. Otherwise they’d tell her ass to change her shirt and leave it along with the protest signs and plastic dismembered fetuses or to leave the party.

      About 60 percent have given birth to least one child prior to getting an abortion so trolling birthday parties seems to be this woman’s speed.

      I’m sorry people are inconsiderate clods, Clarissa.


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