It Would Be Funny

This is yet another college sex war but it’s even worse than the mattress lady story, I promise. I quit reading halfway through it was so annoying.

A Protest Strategy

When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and his wife, Heidi, were confronted by protesters at an Italian restaurant in Washington last month — as Kavanaugh’s nomination was teetering amid sexual assault allegations — the grim-faced couple quickly ducked out as activists chanted, “We believe survivors!”

But when video of the episode was uploaded and went viral, it boosted Cruz, rather than his critics.

Ya think? How very shocking. Who could have possibly predicted this. Except for every single person with a functioning brain.

I have always felt the deepest contempt for Cruz. The guy just gets on my nerves. I can’t listen to his voice without cringing. He’s unctuous and he looks like a reptile. And don’t even start me on his politics. You know how some people hate Trump? They can’t even look at him they are so disgusted. That’s how I always felt about Cruz.

But after the restaurant video, I watched a full news segment featuring Cruz with something akin to sympathy. I don’t like seeing a person ganged up on. No matter who that person is. The image of a group hounding a person makes me feel compassion and relate to whoever is mobbed.

It’s like these protesters or whatever they call themselves are desperate to help Cruz win an election he was poised to lose. And of course he’s no fool, he plays it up, tells the story in a way that makes him sound almost human.

Who comes up with these dumbass strategies is a mystery.


I’m watching this movie Chappaquiddick on the flight and one thing I don’t understand is why the Ted Kennedy character speaks with an accent. Everybody else in the movie speaks normally. It’s quite jarring. Does anybody know?

I never heard of this story before, so I’m fascinated. There are many good movies out there. I wonder why I never watch movies.

Killing Freshman Year

Now we are trying to corral students into declaring majors before they even arrive on campus.

One of the best things about the US higher education is the freshman year where you get to explore different things to figure out what you really like. How are students supposed to know what major they want while they are still in high school? They don’t even know that some majors exist. We have kids from remote rural areas, most our students are first-generation college. How are they supposed to know what a major even is or how to pick one?

I hate this. And no, I’m not opposed to everything new. Just the dumb stuff.


God, I’ve become such a princess. I almost had my Business Class ticket to London downgraded to Economy, and I was feeling very dramatic about it.

Everybody who knows me in person collapsed in laughter at the word “become.” They are all going, “And when were you any different, lady? You were born an entitled drama queen.” Hey, at least I can laugh at myself, so not all is lost.

The Rubber Band

Before my trip, N handed me a package and said, “Here is an eye mask and ear plugs. I know you don’t like sleeping meds but here are some just in case it gets bad. Here is your passport. I put your Global Entry card in the pocket of the passport cover. Here is the insurance in case you get sick. Here is the card that will get you into the lounges during the layovers. Here are the cards that I set up for use in Europe. It’s a good idea to keep one credit card with the emergency info in a separate place in case you lose your wallet. Here is the emergency credit card and the contact phones. I’ll wrap the card in the emergency info sheet and tie it together with a rubber band.”

And he produced the rubber band.

The rubber band just about slaughtered me. It reminded me of my great-grandfather who was my primary caregiver throughout much of my childhood. He was like this. Meticulous, organized, thoughtful. He was all about caring for others. Not all others, obviously, but just closest ones. And he loves his rubber bands.

It’s funny how we get attached to a scenario so early in life and keep replaying it our whole lives. Together with rubber bands.