Crying Wolf

I’m sure everybody has seen the new environment report. And I’m sure everybody understands that very few people will care.

It’s hard to notice a real problem when there is a barrage of apocalyptic howling every day. World War III is coming! Trump will nuke the world! Democracy will die tomorrow! Democratic institutions are crumbling! Everybody is about to starve! The rise of fascism! It’s just like Hitler! No, it’s just like Weimar Germany! No, it’s worse! We are entering the darkest of times!

People publish insane apocalyptic screeds that read like comedy. Everybody is foaming at the mouth. And then when there’s really something serious to worry about, nobody has the energy or the trust to notice.

Yes, I’ve said this before. But the apocalyptic blethering has gotten so much worse in the last two years and it comes precisely from the folks who are likely to notice global warming. These folks have thrown away all credibility because of their daily hysterical fits.

My sister tells me that the Caribbean beaches are dying because of the global warming. She saw it with her own eyes. And that’s one thing among a million.

It would be great if folks stopped howling at the moon every two seconds and got their nerves in order. You can’t achieve anything if all you do is bleat about how everything is just SOOOOO horrible.

3 thoughts on “Crying Wolf”

  1. Systematic erosion of democratic institutions started in 1981, was stepped up in 2001, and has been stepped up again with this administration. Environment and climate issues have long been well known and in 70s and 80s there was still a realistic change of fixing. I’ve seen everything that is now upon us coming, not always perfectly, but well enough. It is still a bit shocking to see these things now so close, and I do suppose that people who weren’t looking are more surprised. It will be nice if we can find a way to head the worst off somehow.


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